Have Baggage. Will Travel.

Have baggage.  Will Travel.

June 1, 2012

Queen died over a decade ago.  Her untimely death left many wondering why such a tragic thing would happen to such a fearless and strong young lady.  She was a beloved mother, friend, sister and an accomplished street smart, rambunctious leader.  She spent countless hours counting the many ways she could provide for her family and lead countless people onto the battlefields, where she almost always returned victorious.  How could such a young life be snuffed out so quickly, so apologetically, so soon?

Sharon, Queens Maid of Honor, her right hand women, her ace, boon, coon, took on the expected role of caregiver, encourager and provider to the four young daughters Queen left behind.  Sharon was the opposite of Queen and served to balance the young and passionate leader out when a calm head was needed but a hot head was being delivered.  The two were a complete and awesome pair, though you seemingly could not see one without the other, you somehow, could not take them both at the same time.  I can remember one sister’s rendition of what it was like to share a room with the both of them, she would go on to say that she found herself, dimming her own light when the two of them were around, because to much of the high energy produced with the trio might be to much for others to bare.

The journey for Queen may have ended more than a decade ago, but the baggage she left behind has continuously traveled into Sharon’s present life.  If Sharon did not feel the need to be so loyal to her fallen friend perhaps she would have discarded the baggage long ago for some luggage of her own.

Sharon Saffold, the Motivational Speaker, published Author, Spokesperson and Community Liaison, has managed to balance the cards dealt from Queens untimely death with her own ambitions and passions.  She calls it, “promoting the power of positive thinking”.  Her self develop phrase, “Turn No Around, and it’s ON Now!” and her most celebrated and requested presentation, I Won’t Take No for an Answer!” has created the stability Queen’s children have come to know, respect and appreciate.

So with Queen so far gone, so long out of the picture and life so presently good; why are people so hell bent on raising the roof, digging up old dirt and resurrecting that fire ball of a hell raiser back to present times.  Can’t we just let by gone’s, stay gone.  Let her lay and rest in peace.  What ever happened to respecting the dead and honoring their last wishes.  I am Sharon now, but they just won’t leave me alone!

Many of you may not have known me as, “Queen,” my street credibility name.  Queen the drug dealer, gang banger, high school drop out, three time teenage mother, rapper, rap victim, molested, bully, battered wife, welfare recipient, illegal revenue producing, self parented, runaway/throw away teenage nightmare.  Well keep coming back daily, and you will meet her. Because as the old saying goes, some people just can’t let sleeping dogs lye.

Sharon got into a fight four days ago on Memorial Day 2012, a real physical altercation with another adult female just after the church picnic. Sharon was struck in the head, the police where called, Queen showed up as well and the rest, well the rest is blog post history…tomorrow’s story.  Come back for the fight, stay for the message.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.  As a friend and Motivational Speaker, Les Brown once told me, what you do in your private life will eventually show up in your professional life or in my case, my public life. And so goes the “tell all blog” because if somebody’s gonna tell it, it might as well be me.



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29 Responses to Have Baggage. Will Travel.

  1. shimira says:

    wow would never have known

  2. Chante says:

    Can’t wait to

  3. Rochelle says:

    I all can say is WOW! Can not wait until tomorrow! Rochelle

  4. Troy says:

    I had to read the first paragraph twice, suspect where this story was headed. You shared something with me the first and only time we met, a short past. Because we have shared some of the same life experiences – I will be back to read more!

    • Troy, you are good reader. I bet you are like me, I watch the movie and try to predict the outcome. Such an over achiever, aren’t we? I remember our encounter and our conversation. I would love to do a dual blog post with you. We do have similar stories, I think the readers would like to see others that identify, it gives us permission to be quote, “Normal.” I will look to hear back from you. Thanks for coming back. Please invite others thru your social media outlets. Happy sunshiny day!

  5. Enuffsaidonce says:

    Was it queen that you faught?

  6. Grnadma says:

    Gheez granddaughter…. I understand the Queen. So many of have stories to tell but because we are ————————— we wont. It is time for us to dump the baggage and remove the masks that so many of us wear.<3

    • I think covering our flaws is a learned behavior, removing them publicly and even privately takes courage and for some, permission. If I could assist a reader, I would say, “Permission granted. Courage is on sale on Isle 5.”

  7. Gerald says:

    Thanks for taking the time and having the courage to post your story here, Sharon. I actually read it this morning but didn’t have a chance to comment on it at that time.

    As I read your story, I couldn’t help but see an enormous amount of energy at your disposal. Energy? Yes, I said Energy. You see, ALL the things we feel are energy. We may classify some as good and others as bad, but they are all the same energy. The only real question is what we allow that energy to be directed towards.

    It’s important to understand this concept because once you do, you’ll find that the most negative situations in your life can actually yield results that “Word together for the good…. (Rom 8:28).

    Let me borrow an example for a sermon I heard a few weeks ago when the minister pointed out that a battery gets its strength by balancing “+” and “-” energy. When those two are used in the right way, they provide the resource needed to start your car.

    If given the chance, most of us would design a battery with two “+” (Positive) terminals on the battery making it completely USELESS!

    So, if “Queen” wants to come out and play, put a shovel in her hands and make her pave you a road to a higher place. In other words, Put Her To Work for YOU!!!

    • Hey Mr. G.

      Thanks for reading. If I didn’t know better I would have thought that you delivered the sermon discussed in your comment. Good writing, excellent observation and yes, lot’s of energy. Sharon was born with the channeling of energy into positive directions. Queen, on the other hand, takes what has been given, processes it quickly and reacts, or responds with the energy present, negative or positive. I agree however, the purpose of both the blog and the newly written/in process book is to put a “shovel” as you called it in Queen’s hand, a microphone in Sharon’s hand and put them both to work. Because Queen has built the platform that Sharon speaks on. Please keep coming back, keep commenting and keep me on my toes. I enjoyed reading your writing.

  8. Cyd says:

    Sharon, no matter how we evolve we return to what is deep inside when familiar circumstances rear their head. We are not perfect, so keep your head up.

    • Wow. Now that is what I call, “Permission to be normal.” Thanks Cyd. I struggled so much as a result of this altercation that I strongly considered hiding my gift as a motivator and trading it in for a desk, lamp and retirement plan. I found it hard to forgive myself for allowing myself to be provoked to anger, even when acting in self-defense. If it were not for a long time friend in New York that reminded me of how important the message is, I would have silenced the messenger. Thank you so much for commenting. Please, do come back.

      • Granma says:

        Things and people happen. You stay real, I am real and yes if pushed to defend myself I Will. Put up both dukes. Minister Clarke. REAL TALK

      • I read it and a big smile comes across my face, not because your Grandma, not because you’re a Minister, but because you are real. REAL TALK

    • Cyd,

      I found myself repeating those very profound words you posted twice this week. It could not have been said better. Permission to be imperfect. Keeping my head up and my back to the wind. Thanks for leaving those positive words posted. Thanks for returning and supporting.

  9. ratsack says:

    I’d like to hear a rap song with Queen doing verse one and Sharon doing the other and they are battling it out.

    • Queen:
      I’m the gamestress, straight out the projects yo! You’re a Mack, a Pimp, you got game, so! You got fast cash to flash, but the Red Dogs and Black Cats are on your ASS..K me no questions, about what I do I’ a Pimpette and I live off you. (*excerpt from back in the late 80’s when I use to be Rapper)

      Do what you gotta do. Just see it through. Never give up, never give in, fight the good fight only then will you win. Ratsack, I hope you liked that, now please…do come back.
      My friend. (*written today, in present times, as a Motivator)

      That was only for you Ratsack…you’re taking me way back. (LOL..typed while smiling and rapping in my head.) Thanks for the challenge.

  10. Chalis says:

    Wow…it is amazing to know where you have come from to what you have become. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU & I will be here to support you & watch your story unfold. Your strength, determination & heart have brought you to this point becuase they have always been a part of you! Many blessings & continued success.

    • Chalis,

      Thank you so much for those strong, positive words. You are both encouraging and uplifting. A breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing and returning. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  11. Sandy says:

    Your story will inspire others and give them hope, encouragement, and a reason to push forward. People just need to hear other people being real.

    • Sandy,

      Thank you. Permission to be really open about my experiences brings out all kinds of people and some don’t share the same views. There is beauty in difference, and for me there is freedom in “real” life.

  12. Asha says:


    I knew you long ago as Toot ( rhymes with foot). I read this story and continue to be inspired by the person you are, were and will always be. You’re a star with amazing courage. I know you’ll never forget it. I haven’t! All this story does is remind me that we are all human and that some of us have more “fiery conviction” than others. Burn bright…don’t burn up.


  13. Sharon, you continuously keep me motivated.

  14. My friend Sharon, I read your blog and now i really understand why queen died….you see, queen helped you to new levels and now it was time for her to move on to her destiny. Keep writing and keep inspiring you ones with your moving experiences…i am so previlege to have crossed your path when I did,,I just wished that I new at that time the person you are and the talent you possess…sharon my dear, keep on keeping on you INSPIRE ME SO UNTIL I HAVE TO SCREAM IT TO THE WORLD. MUAH LOVE YOU SISTER.

    Menette F. Hambrick

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