Bullying or Bull. You decide.

Bullying or Bull. You decide..


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2 Responses to Bullying or Bull. You decide.

  1. Yalonda Dabney says:


    I think you are dead on. I live by the saying, “You can’t change people, you can only change how you react to them.” I have also allowed my alter-ego “Londa” to come out and play with people that Yalonda feels that she cannot handle to only learn that she could handle them if she changed how she reacted to them.

    Thank you for the insight and life is about learning. You can’t grow without learning and this too shall pass.

    Love you and always praying for you.


    • Hello Yolanda/Londa,

      I am glad as my father would say, “You over-understand.” I am convinced that if I learn from the moment I will create out of it a message. This to shall pass. Loving how your’e leading!


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