Bullying or Bull. You decide.

Bullying or Bull.  You decide.

June 4, 2012

Queen is not a coward, but Sharon not a fighter.  Careful when choosing associations because as the old saying goes, “If you’re not strong enough to pull them up, you may be weak enough for them to pull you down” Remember the phrase, “to thy own self be true” or “keep it real.”  Well in the spirit of “keeping it real,” what really happened after the physical altercation of yesterday’s blog post is contained in a little book.  It’s called a police report.  But no worries, I know your’e curious, so I am writing it in a book of my own.  But, I can let the cat out the bag, when I say; if the police all called and the surrunding situation dosen’t point favorably toward you….pray.

If Sharon had been true to herself, the second she realized that her Memorial Day sparring partner was really a passive aggressive bully looking for a place to implant fear, she would have disengaged to protect her most valuable assets, her body, her dignity, her name.  Instead, she encouraged the motivator in her and successfully talked herself into believing that all conflict when met with respect would miraculously dissolve and a partnership of two caring adults would form.  Not!  And Queen knew it.

When encountering a bully or being bullied there are many emotions that arise but they are mostly centered around two aspects, protect and defend.  It doesn’t matter rather you are running for dear life while yelling “help!” or making your stance, planting your feet and bracing for the blow, you are mostly responding to the need to protect, defend or both.

The truth is both Sharon and Queen despise bullies and had silently vowed to take them on no matter how prestigious the form.  A daunting truth, when encountering a bully, the both respond as a Bull.  The wise are biblically known to be slow to anger and slow to speak.  Anger is not the motivator here, speech is.  As a Motivational Speaker and Activist, the one, Sharon, see’s it as her civic duty to speak out against injustice and speak truth to power. The problem is that both are subjective.  I am not suggesting the absence of speech but there is wisdom in silence.

So since I have a brand to protect, a reputation to protect and a talent to defend (and it’s not fighting), I have to allow the bully a pass and contain the bull.  Simply keeping my distance and knowing my own limitations would have kept Queen buried indefinitely.  The motivation behind this message is, fools rush in, wise men fold.”  Decide what you stand for, find a way to keep standing without falling victim to your own ideology.  Yield to confrontation and embrace your limitations it may aid to keep you out of compromising situations.

This has been Sharon Saffold, blog posting on purpose and not by chance….because chances are, I’ll blog again.

Make it a great day!

Tomorrow’s Post:  Mad Mother!

Read. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.



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6 Responses to Bullying or Bull. You decide.

  1. shimira shelton says:


  2. Rochelle says:

    Injustice or justifed? My daughter was bullied, and she walked away many time. It came a time when she had to take a stand ( she had to fine the Queen in her) LOL. When she did, they all knew she was not going to be the victim anymore. Thank you for sharing!

  3. ariana says:

    Intriguing, amazing, can’t wait for the next blog!

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