Mad Mother.

Mad Mother

June 5, 2012

I expected to be a mother one day.  I wanted exactly five kids, exactly as I was given.  Only, I expected five boys.  Not that I have anything against girls, gosh my heart lies in empowering them.  I just felt that I could escape the old adage, “what’ you do as child, returns to you double.”  I figured I could beat the system…just have all boys.  The major glitch in that plan is that scientist haven’t discovered how to let you choose the sex of your own child yet.  I guess somethings still have to be left up to God.  (take note that this was meant jokingly)

1993, It’s a girl!  1994, It’s a girl!  2001, it’s a boy! (Finally)….nope, oops, it’s a GIRL!  You guess it, six girls later, two grand daughters and one girl dog, yep, God had no mercy on me.  I knew I was a fairly bad as a kid, but this, this isn’t funny anymore.

So there was a slight part of my life that I didn’t control, oh yea, it is called birth control.  Not that being a three time teenage mother was in my plans, but then again, girls weren’t either.  And if you think that isn’t enough to make you mad, get a load of this.

I grew up hearing that if you came from a large family, (which typically referenced four or more) that somebody is going to die early, somebody is going to be strung out on drugs, somebody is going to jail and somebody will over achieve.  So since I recognize this pattern in nearly ever large family I knew, I not only thought it was true, I thought it was law.

I came from a large family myself, eight of us to be exact, four boys and four girls.  Me I sit somewhere, square in the middle.  And it is true what they say about middle children, most turn out to be over achievers.  I know I did.  And did the old saying hold true about large families within my family.  Just like it was the law.  God rest her soul.  A mother should never have to bury her child, visit another in jail and pray the other out of addiction.  Talk about life not going forth as planned.  Talk about being a Mad Mother.

But  just where in the lines do I fall?  After all I am the proud mother of five girls and married into six.

Tomorrow’s Post:  And A Child Will Lead Them.

Read. Post. Share. Facebook. Tweet.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging to you on purpose and not by chance, because chances are, I’ll blog again.




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