Time Out.

Time Out.

June 23, 2012

Have you ever known, that you knew what you knew, even though you couldn’t explain it?  I would have these conversations with a friend of mine about how she knew she would die young every since she was a young girl.  We would converse about her belief and plan to ensure that she would live her life to it’s fullest.

Ever been heartbroken by a persons life story and wished you could make it all better?  Another friend of mine that experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a family member and would later experience physical abuse from the hands of her lover, made me wish that I could make her life better.  She and I would make plans to travel around the US together, as she has never been much further then her country hometown.  But then, she saw bright lights.

I watched a women take her last breath.  I stood bedside with her immediately family as we sung her thru her crossover.  They say the hearing is the last to go and they must be right.  I believe that she heard our voices.  I also, believe she knew of the voices that she didn’t hear.  What key people in her life were not present.  It is my belief that those absent were the reason for her final streaming tear.

These were three separate women.  Each died young; one in her early thirties, one in her late thirties and the other in her early forties.  Each had dreams and goals left undone.

As a positive affirming believer of everyone having the ability to achieve, thru these three I learned a painful but valuable lesson.  Not everyone will have time.

I was told of the dying words of one of these young women, “I thought I had more time then this…I thought I had more time!  Good bye.”  She never spoke again.

You might have heard it said that, time waits for no one.  You know it’s true.  So get up and do!

Live Loud, Tackle the impossible, explore every possible mean to achieve your dreams.

Each of you have more in you.  Which of you can defeat time?

Tomorrow’s Post:  Made you look.

Tomorrow’s post:

Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.




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2 Responses to Time Out.

  1. Tiffany DeWalt says:

    This is like my daily inspiration! Keepem coming!

  2. Rochelle says:

    Amen and Amen

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