Made You Look.

Made You Look.

June 24, 2012,

You are more likely to look when you see the word “You” because it gives the appearance that the writer is directing a topic to “You”.  I am.

But what I really want to know is what made you look?  What attracts “You” to the blog post and what do “You” want to read more of?

I challenged myself to 6 months of blogging daily.  This is roughly 204 posting.  Each newly written.  No re-blogging.  The reason behind the challenge is that I have never liked writing.  I took me nearly 5 years just to complete my first book, and I was only a co-author.  You want to know whats worse? It’s taking me almost just as long to re-read the whole thing once it was published.  It is not because the book isn’t good.  I did not enjoy reading equally as much as I did not enjoy writing.  Because I am a speaker, I thought that it was best to hone the natural talent, the low hanging fruit.  I must admit my surprise in discovering that I have the ability to do both the verbal and written forms of motivating.

I notice that when I tell a story of a true life experience rather my own or someone else, readership is up.  The more dramatic the story the greater the readership.  I have 181 more post to go and I want to hear comments from you the viewers.  What makes you look?  What do you want to read more of?

  • My mission for the blog:  To promote the power of positive thinking.
  • My purpose:  To enhance both my writing and speaking skills as I prepare to be one of the best International Motivational Speakers the world has ever heard.  To enhance my writing and prepare myself to write a series of truly inspiring real life story books, to be used to enhance the mind an compel others to go after their life’s greatest dreams.
  • Vision: January 2013, the year of “Determination!”  To speak and write full-time and increase my national and international presence on the speaking platform.  To write and distribute a New York Times Bestselling Book.
  • The goal: To reach 1000 viewers per month.  Each month accumulating, until 6000 viewers have been reached within 6 months.

I wrote the vision.  I made it clear.  2012 is my year!  Dedicated..determined..done.

I wrote the vision.  I made you look.  Thank you for reading.  Now write your vision.  Make it plain.  Make it clear.  Let the readers know about your up and coming year.

Tomorrow’s Post:  Too Little. Too Fast!




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1 Response to Made You Look.

  1. Tiffany DeWalt says:

    Oh my goodness Sharon! You never cease to amaze me! Once again, thoughts right out of my head written in your blog! You are confirmation to me that this 2012 is my year as well. I have been saying it since last year and could just feel it in my bones. Just consider me successful at whatever I choose to do. Thank you!

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