Too Little. Too Fast!

Too Little.  Too Fast.


June 25, 2012



Gorgeous, talented, athletic, dependable and single, and yes, she is a friend of mine.  Often we would have discussions about being, “Superwomen”.  Before we’re done talking, she’s off again, without her cape.  


With two beautiful children each playing travel sports, a small business doing well and a full-time job, you would hardly believe that she makes time to be a friend.  Could you imagine managing multiple housing complexes daily and then using your weekends to put on gardening gloves and play in the dirt again?  I wished I were referencing planting flowers as that may appear to be a women’s “thing,” but I’m not.  My friend wakes up at 5:00 am on a Saturday, to pick up a truck loaded with pine straw then puts gloves on and works laying the pine straw with her staff at multiple homes and businesses.  Then, equipped with her cape, she’s off to spend 12 hours or more between both softball and baseball parks streaming from one side of Georgia, to the other.  Being a parent that is all ways there for her children is super important to her.


A few weeks ago we have this talk about finances and she comments that she needs to make more money.  I intuitively responded, not even realizing that I was speaking what I needed to learn, I said, “don’t say you need more money, say you have plenty of money, and you will get, plenty of money.” 


Last Monday I received a call from my friend and she said, “I did what you told me and I started saying, I have plenty of money!”  She would go on to tell me that she received a new client, a landscaper with two huge subdivisions and they had offered her business the opprotunity to lay mostly all the pine straw jobs they have.  In just two days she would off load a truck load of pine straw that in the past would take over two weeks.  She added, “and I have customers waiting!”  


Several days later I received a text that read, “ I have another great story for your blog and my POSITIVE thinking!”  That evening I received a call from her and she told me that a significantly large amount of money had been added to her paycheck that day that she reported as an accounting error.  She was told that I was no error, it was her bonus for a job well done and coming in under budget.  She didn’t even remember that she was eligible to receive bonuses.


Truly inspiring!  It had been roughly two weeks time between our first conversation of lack and having too little, before she changed her thinking and speaking and in turn received an abundance.  Fast!


What are you thinking, verbalizing or harboring within your belief system that could have you receiving too little?  How fast can you change?


Tomorrow’s post:  All Fluff And No Stuff.


Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.


This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.




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