Weeping. But Able.

Weeping. But Able.

June 27, 2012

After more than 12 years of working with an attorney that also doubles as my best friend a strange but very serious allegation was made about some of my family and closest friends.  After noticing the multiple personal phone calls to me from a certain group of persons he summoned me into his office and asked, “Does anybody you know work?”  I looked puzzled and inwardly I felt a bit annoyed but I immediately responded, “What makes you ask that?”  His response in hindsight I have to admit was startling.  It’s amazes me how the things people notice about your life are from different lenses then your own.

The irony is that had he not pointed it out to me, I would have never recognized it myself.  I did not know many people that worked.  The government had assisted this select group for so long that employment didn’t seem necessary.  After realizing that what he observed was not only true, but common, I sought to understand those in my immediate surroundings.  With this new lens focused on their lives and choices, I did not feel the need to quickly judge, but in the same breath, I didn’t know rather to be sad for them, mad at them or upset with myself for not having motivated them.  They may be weeping, but each of them are able.

Having been a recipient and an advocate for the poor and underrepresented, I found myself asking, “How are we keeping score?”  Is it foolish of me to get up early daily and get four children off to school, spend up to two hours in traffic going and two hours returning only to count my wage and opt out of steak?  I remember that in my earlier days the economy did not affect my meals, my bills or my thrills because our government paid it all.  Using this ratio it was hard to determine which of us is winning; but then again, I guess it is based on how and who is keeping score.

Our America is weeping.  The economy is bleeding, and we have many citizens standing on the sidelines that are strong, talented, educated and able.  Who can find the best most effective way to keep score?  There has got to be a solution that ensures that all of us win.  I know this may be a one sided view and that I am to be tolerant of the poor, the underrepresented, and the weeping.  Though if I am honest I can’t help but to ask myself, “Can’t the weeping still be able?”

Tomorrow’s post: Marathon.

Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.




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2 Responses to Weeping. But Able.

  1. Rochelle says:

    Wow! I work but I will be texting you from now on. You have to remember it is a business and if he notices this, you may want to tell them not to call you at work anymore. Maybe he is saying it is becoming a problem in his own way.

  2. Yalonda Dabney says:

    I agree with Rochelle and furthermore, this is also an opportunity and thank you for seeing it as such. It is an opportunity like you said the help motivate, uplift and edify people who may not ordinarily receive it. This is an opportunity to provide the type of assistance that the government cannot.

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