Just So You Know.

Just So You Know.


July 2, 2012



Living hostile is painful for everyone involved.  War, can be deadly for all that hear of it.  Pain, is felt by all that are empathic and love is an inner desire for all of us.  If this statement is as true as I believe it to be, then we all feel, hear and know of each others sorrows.  Have we plugged ourselves into the experience by plugging in the TV, DVD and video game?  


How did it feel to take a bullet in the left temple why your car was being jacked, as the light grew narrower, the sounds drowned out around you and you paced your last breath?  Like grand theft?  


How many skin grafts have you received after being set on fire during war after the bomb exploded and shattered half of your left body?  Like a modern man’s warfare?


How did you sleep last night after servicing 14 john’s and providing pleasure in exchange for pain?  Like a pretty women?


Did you wake up today with your family in a shelter, in order to be sheltered, from abusive hands?  Feels like family ties, does it?


Over the course of one week, I have either watched, conversed, read or remembered similar accountings.  Just so you know, my heart felt every emotion as if it were the first I had heard, thought or saw of such occurrences.  Yet, I am so super glad to be alive and a part of this crazy world where such occurrences exist.  


Give a man breath, and he has time left, to be the change that is needed in this world.  Just so you know, it is my intention to be one that assists in changing it.  You should know that the universe is seeking the same from you.


Take time to decided where in the world you can shine, create change and pass on the experience.  Devote time to a cause, a campaign or cure.  You won’t be sad that you did.


Tomorrow’s post: Desperately Seeking.


Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.


This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.




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