July 4th! American Independence.

July 4th!  American Independence.

July 4, 2012

Larger then life people understand one key concept; that there is a path to success.  The best lesson that I ever learned was taught to me by my own error, and that lesson is, that not planning, is a plan.  Having placed minimal thought on graduating high school, teenage parenting and indulging in many irresponsible behaviors, my independence was largely based in dependency.  My simple pleasures and modern amenities were all compliments of the US.  


I once apologized to my teen daughters for having taking them along for my, “joy ride”, which for them could be considered more of a, “hell ride.”  Imagine getting into a car with a trusted friend expecting to head to the local mall, when a stop along the way ends in an armed robbery and a high speed chase.  This must be what being the child of a teenage parent feels like.  You wake up looking to hang out and shop, but you end up clutching the inside car door, praying for a safe exit with your head peering straight and your jaws dropped screaming, “Oh my God!  What are you doing! Let me out of here!  Oh my God!   What have you done!”  Amazingly enough my daughters still look to me for food, advice, shelter and direction.  And I now meet their needs without the help of our government.  


My plan for life, was not to plan and as a result, I did not only live vicariously thru others, I lived irresponsibly as well.  The tax payers went to work everyday to fund my ignorance and the perks kept me coming back for more.  One child, two child, three child, four.  Fourtunalty for me a mirror was shoved in my face by my highest and most evolved rivals, successful youth, my age.  The day that I was asked to serve my rivals as they entered their first year of medical school changed my future and rewrote my family history.  I immediately stopped repeating the generational curse and started competing.  We are winning!


I now Understand that the risk in Seeking success is minimal in comparison to the Aim of seeking nothing at all.  Understand, Seek, Aim.  Understand that you are the solution, seek to find your path, aim for your day of independence.  Your story will be different, however, we each seek independence and thanks to the USA, we know that it is ours to find.  


Tomorrow’s post: Raising The Bar.


Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.


This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.





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