We’re Winning!

We’re Winning!

July 21, 2012

I collect people.  Capri Italy, proved to be one of the most beautiful secluded and memorable holiday getaways that I have ever experienced.  It was a collection of European and American travelers all destined to indulge and enjoy.  My single most memorable moment was the two of us alone in an all white piano bar, being serenaded by an Italian singer as we danced under the white light in what the most beautiful hotel that I had ever stayed.  In walks the party crashers, (loving spoken) another couple beaming and budding smiling and drinking and they too, took it to the dance floor.

Twirling and swirling each of us danced, one not knowing the other.  Suddenly, the other lad moved his date closer toward us ,whirling, twirling and swirling.  He looks at us and says, “We’re winning!  We’re winning!”  I look at my date and said in my competitive voice, “Twirl me!  Twirl me!” and a beautiful twirl it was.  The coupled looked, laughed and then rose a leg gave a kick, and dipped his date elegantly.  He looked at me with a smirk of a smile and said, “We’re winning!  We’re winning!”  I responded quickly with a, “Dip me! Dip me!” and a quick and precise dip it was.  We continued battling one another with a few more, “We’re winning!” until the song ended.  Later that night we laughed, shared numbers and email address then had a drink together.  If I am every in Denmark or Italy, I have new friends to look up.

Thursday, my eleven year old daughter and her first year travel ball team won the World Series and were named the National Champions of 10U Softball.  I can say it proudly because this team started off as the, “Bad News Bears” but ended as State Champions and now National Champions.  The girls played hard, but the coaches coached well.  They placed our “C” level team against “B” and “A” team players to challenge them to the level that they believed that the team could aim to deliver.  They rose to the challenge, honed their skills, took their loses and learned their lessons.  They worked diligently, each seeking perfection.

I can imagine what their competitors thought of them when we first started, I know my daughter alone could not catch or throw a ball, but she could steal a base and score every time.  They entered the season as the underdogs, and in my mind I imagine the other teams saying, “We’re winning! We’re winning!”  Thursday after a lose to an undefeated team, they came back and won TWICE, over the same team to take the tournament.  While I am a proud parent of my daughter, I am equally as proud to all the 10U participants and parents locally and nationally that support their youth in sports and education.  However, I cannot resist and would feel remised if I did not say in honor of team Storm, “We’re winning! We’re winning!”  Oops.  Correction.  We WON!

Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.



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