Who Is The Source of Your Greatest Pain?

Who Is The Source of Your Greatest Pain?

You are the source of my greatest pain, you rouse and corral me and tarnish my name, you find delight in bringing me pain, you aim low and hit hard and call it a game.

You held me down and muzzled me, adding shame to my face,

You beat me up, then cuddled me after calling me a disgrace.

You bandage me, then silenced me and said never to speak your name,

All while I lye there eternally bruised and riddled with guilt and shame.

I just needed to feel wanted, loved and possibly safe.

You just needed to make money and find a way to escape,

So your forced upon me a life, in which you could take control,

Now I am left alone and discarded, after selling for you my soul.

You are the source of my greatest pain.

All I ever wanted was to be needed and an escape from the rain,

You told me I was crazy and could not make it without you,

I believe it and accepted it as the truth.

Now, I am the source of my greatest pain,

If I choose to remember, I can still feel the shame,

If I choose to remain angry, I can still feel the pain,

If I bandage my wounds my life will surely change.

Broken but not bruised, scorn but no scars, worn but not tired and abandoned but not alone.  I sought and found a strength all my own.

Mighty but not arrogant, wise but not witty, caring but cautious, aiming but not blaming, I stepped off the cliff fearing not the fall and found that my wings gave me no fall at all.  I soar now above you with forgiveness in each wing but I will not forget you, not one single thing.  I want you to also remember my face, I found out that you were right, there is an escape.

Copyright © 2012 by Sharon Saffold

Dedicated to the Human Trafficking Victims and those forced into Sexual Slavery.

Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.


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