Blocked or Blessing? You Decide.

Blocked or Blessing?  You Decide.

September 1, 2012

“God only moves out of you way, what was in your way in the first place.” S’rae Saffold.

Change, rather good bad or indifferent is certainly inevitable.  When do you know if the change that you are experiencing, or that you fear, is a blessing or a blocking?  Are you being blocked from a blessing, or lead away from pain, and how do you know?

Are there many signs that you wonder about?  I will not have the exact answers that lead you to a decision, but I can certainly give you thoughts to marinade on.  When I am often faced with situations and/or circumstances that present themselves as either challenges or opportunities to change I often gauge how to respond using the several principals listed below.

  1.   Am I hurting anybody to include myself?
  2.   Am I responding out of fear?
  3.   Can this decision be undone by making another decision?

If the answer to all three no matter the outcome, brings me back to happy, then I am happy to accept the challenge of change.  It doesn’t matter if later, I have to undo the decision with another decision or stay active in the new change.

When you are face with options in your relationships, educating yourself, leading or following a certain career path or if you should continue, halt or abandoned the opprotunity to change; ask your self does it get me back to ______________.   In my case my ____________: is happy.

If my sister was correct in the quote given at the beginning of this blog post, and if you believe in something greater then yourself; perhaps you to could draw from her quote to aid you in making your decisions.  When in doubt, think those three questions out.  If still unsure and your feeling risky enough to take the dive, remember along the ride; “God only moves out of your way, what was in your way in the first place.”  Therefore a blessing or lesson should never be blocked.  Welcome change, it’s inevitable.

Read. Post. Facebook. Tweet. Share. Return.  There truly is a message behind the messenger.

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.




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2 Responses to Blocked or Blessing? You Decide.

  1. Tiffany DeWalt says:

    Hey Sharon! This poses a great question. As for me, over some time now, I have chosen to rely completely on God the Father. Ive learned in my walk that we all where provided gifts. We are all strategically made and gifted in order to serve one another. Even the veterinarian for example. We wouldnt know the behavior of animals without them. I have learned that if I use my gifts in His will and focus on Him, using my gifts to serve others that my rewards are great. I dont believe we can make God change His mind. He already knows what you need and He provides it all. Hence why its hard to understand such poverty in the world. I believe that what God puts together, no man can tear apart. Including parties involved, in whatever situation may it be marriage or another situation. I believe that sometimes we pray for things to happen and sometimes we accept partial payments. Thats the same as the idea of blocking the blessing. We accept things prematurely. We pray for rent…..we miraculously receive something on it, but it came from a person or place or situation that is not of Gods will. God giveth, God taketh away. BUT our gifts remain. Use what you know you have been given and try again. Lol, “Did I say that right?

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