Not Always Happiest. But Always Thankful.

Not Always Happiest. But Always Thankful.

November 24, 2012

I just wrote my first ever letter to God.  At least the first that I can remember.  I suspect that this will be the first of many.  I wrote down a lot of deep and difficult emotions that in the past I would have never committed to paper.  Though I didn’t save it to hard drive.  It felt good.  It felt good to be honest about disappointments, unhappiness, selfishness to be thankful, hopeful and regretful all in the same text.  The best part about it was that I actually did it, I wrote it.  I freed myself of the feelings of shame for having had some of the thoughts and past angers that I have had.  I would be lying if I said that after committing my thoughts to paper the issues were resolved, the pains suddenly dissipated and the wrongs were set to right, but that wasn’t the point of it anyway.  At least not for me.  The point was to not be in “Motivational Speaking” mode.  To turn the positive thinking off for a minute.  To dial it back a bit and to allow myself to actually feel the real and raw feelings that only I have.  I was amazed at how human I can be when I don’t commit myself to trying to live always as a “super human”.  I am back to my normal mindset of only positive thinking, but now, I have a place to escape when I feel that I need to.  I can speak of all of the unspeakable wrongs both committed by myself and others.

Commit yourself to self development in a way that works best for you.  Do it in your own way, in your own time, but do it.  Afford yourself the opprotunity to possibly become somebody different then who you know yourself to be.  You may not like who you are always, in-fact you won’t always be likable.  However, you will always be stuck with you.  So since you’re soaking in your own soul, why not explore it!

May the possibilities that place you at your best await you.

Making happy messages my future with plans of remaining happy.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.  Make it a great day!

This has been Sharon Saffold blogging on purpose and not by chance because chances are, I will blog again.


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